Practice Nurse

Leighann Grier (She / Her)

Leighann recently joined the Gender Hormone Clinic as a Practice Nurse, having gained her Adult Nursing Degree at the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2017.
Prior to joining the team, Leighann thrived on expanding her knowledge by trying different nursing roles in both Ireland and England, which included working on a vascular & colorectal surgical ward, cosmetic surgery and A&E.

In 2022 she worked in the London Transgender Clinic on the surgery team which helped her to gain a deeper understanding of the transgender and non binary community’s journey.
She has joined the hormone team as she has a keen interest in this area and to expand her knowledge on transgender and non binary healthcare. She is in awe and inspired by the transgender community’s bravery and resilience. She strives to be a compassionate figure in their journey and aims to have a positive impact on all of the patients that she treats.

Outside of the clinic, she loves food, painting and is a cat enthusiast!