While our core focus is providing hormone therapy, we also work closely within the community, providing education, support and guidance. We want to go beyond short terms goals and help to improve the state of transgender healthcare across the UK.


For GP practices struggling to understand the hormone therapy pathway of transgender healthcare, we offer training sessions and information, to help educate and create further understanding of trans individuals.


Based in London, we work closely with local projects to help uplift organisations doing work to help foster solidarity and community.  This can be in the creation of documentaries, shouting out local events and giving informational webinars.


On our social media platforms and website, we work to create informational guides and resources to help clear up misconceptions around trans medical care. We want to break the reliance on unregulated online forums for important information regarding healthcare. We want to compile this information into one place for not just our patients but anyone in the community looking into hormone therapy.