Frequently Asked Questions

  • Softer skin, less oily
  • Softening/feminising soft tissue of the face
  • Development of breast tissue
  • Slower hair growth
  • Feminisation of body shape – fat redistribution
  • Probably reduced libido
  • Psychological changes include more emotional possibly tearful, more calm, and at peace with one’s true gender identity instilling confidence
  • Voice deepens
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Growth of facial and body hair
  • Oily, coarse skin, possibly acne
  • Clitoral growth
  • Increased libido
  • Increased appetite

We welcome all trans and non-binary individuals who wish to start hormone therapy with the option of microdosing. As with any patient, we require a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria/Incongruence from a registered psychologist or psychiatrist.

From 1st December 2022, we are introducing a direct debit scheme subscription and payment plan for all new patients.The fees for the treatment plan are:

  • Upfront Fee: £250
  • Monthly x 24 months: £55

For historic patients who commenced hormone therapy with us before 1st September 2020, pay as you go is still available and costs £175 per follow-up appointment.

  1. Retrieve a gender specialist psychological or psychiatric assessment confirming your gender dysphoria/incongruence and suitability to start hormone therapy.
  2. Complete our essential digital registration forms. These will be sent when we receive your referral.
  3. Organise the essential blood tests with your GP practice or private provider. We can suggest MediChecks. Follow here to arrange your blood tests with Medichecks.

Note: if you choose MediChecks we are unable to accept finger-prick tests.

At your initial video link consultation, we will discuss your plans for transitioning, take a medical history and discuss your options for hormone therapy. It is incredibly helpful if at this time we have received your blood test results so that if any are missing or require repeating these can be organised before your in clinic face to face appointment. If your blood results are delayed or unfortunately are incomplete, it may delay your access to hormone therapy at your in clinic appointment. Appointments vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Approximately 2-5 weeks later, you will have a face-to-face consultation at which time we will check your blood pressure and carry out an Inbody analysis. The time between these two appointments enables you to complete additional blood tests, investigate fertility preservation or any other investigations required. It also gives you time to think about any other queries you may wish to discuss when you attend your in clinic appointment.

After your face-to-face consultation, our specialist nurses will issue a medical letter and shared care guidance to your GP. This will ask your GP to continue your prescriptions as recommended by our specialist nurses and/or endocrinologist.

You must be reviewed every 6 months for a minimum of 2 years by our specialist nurses to monitor your progress and assess any side effects that may require adjustment of your hormone therapy. It is vital that you attend your follow-up appointments so that we can review your blood levels and ensure your safe progress while on hormone therapy. Failure to attend follow-up appointments will, unfortunately, result in your discharge from GHC as we cannot be responsible for your care unless we can monitor it safely and in your best interest, we will then notify your GP.

If and when your care is taken over by an NHS gender identity clinic we will notify you and your GP of your discharge from our service, unless you decide to remain under our care.

If your GP refuses to share care and you are on our monthly payment plan, we will provide you with prescriptions as part of your service package while you attempt to locate a GP who will be happy to share care.

If you are not on our monthly payment plan, you can purchase private prescriptions at a cost of £59 while you attempt to locate a GP who will be happy to share care.

If you discharge yourself within Year 1, you will be required to continue your payment plan until the end of Year 1 or pay off the remaining amount through a one-off payment. We will then cancel your plan for Year 2. If you discharge yourself within Year 2, you will be required to pay the full remaining amount of the treatment plan, either by continuing your payment plan or a one-off payment.

If you miss a payment or cancel your plan without notifying us first, 3 reminders will be sent to pay the outstanding balance. In the event you do not pay the outstanding balance, unfortunately, we will have to discharge you from our care and inform your GP in writing. Any outstanding payments will then be collected by our financial and legal teams.