What Is Transgender? - Documentary Series

We have been working with the incredible team at Trans Matters Worldwide to bring you an informative and powerful documentary series coming this March 28th.

We’ve spent the past year working with the amazing team at Trans Matters Worldwide to create a series of documentary films.

So much of trans stories are misrepresented and told for us by people not part of our community.

We want to take back the narrative and let trans people tell their own stories.

It is with absolute pride we can announce that these films were shot, produced, organised and edited by trans people at every step.

Premiering on the 28th of March 2024 the three films are titled:

What is Trans Joy?
What is Trans Pride?
What is Gender Dysphoria?

We hope this will be the first season in a series of films, looking at trans life, told by trans people.