Payment Plan

New Payment Scheme

At The Gender Hormone Clinic, your safety is our utmost priority. Our aim is to ensure that when you commence treatment with us, you are monitored closely so that we can identify any adverse reactions to treatment and manage these promptly, as well as monitoring your progress.

We understand that seeking private care and maintaining your follow-up care can sometimes be costly, therefore we have decided to create an entire treatment package that is payable monthly, enabling you to avoid higher costs all at once.

On the following page, you will find the care we provide as part of this package and the total cost of your hormone therapy treatment plan. You can continue your hormone journey with us for as long as you wish, or until your care is transferred to an NHS Gender Identity Clinic.

How Much Is It?

An initial fee of £250 will be required prior to your initial video link consultation. Your treatment care payments will commence 1 week prior to your in-clinic face-to-face consultation with your nurse specialist. The payments will continue for a total of 24 months, by the end of this period, we would anticipate that your hormone levels will be stable and that an annual review would then be appropriate.

Initial Fee: £ 250
Monthly Fee: £ 55 (Monthly for 24 Months)
Total: £ 1,570
What Is Included?
Year 1
Step 1
  • Initial Consultation Via Video Link
  • In Clinic Face-To-Face Consultation With Nurse Specialist
Step 2
  • 6 Month Follow Up Via Video Link
Step 3
  • 12 Month Follow Up In Clinic
Year 2 Onwards
Step 4
  • 18 Month Follow Up Via Video Link
Step 5
  • 24 Month Follow Up In Clinic

Please note: It is the patients responsibility to contact our team to arrange the booking of these appointments during their payment plan. 

If the appointment is arranged after the payment plan has finished, the appointment will be charged at our pay-as-you-go rate.

What Else Is Included?
  • All communication with your GP.
  • Updated medical letters if required when blood results are reviewed and any adjustments are made to your prescription.
  • Private prescriptions, if required. This does not include the cost of your medication

Also included:

  • Letter in support of your legal change of name on all documents.
What Is Not Included?
  • Your psychological assessment is not included, you would need to arrange this yourself, however, we will provide contact details of the Psychiatrists and Gender Specialist Psychologists who work closely with The Gender Hormone Clinic.
  • The GHC is not a licensed dispensary, therefore, cannot dispense medication. We advise that you take your private prescription to your local pharmacy. 
  • The cost of your medication is not included in your plan. Ideally, we hope that your GP will be happy to share care and prescribe for you, issuing an NHS prescription. If, however, your GP refuses to prescribe, we will happily provide a private prescription which you can take to your local pharmacy.
What If I Discontinue My Treatment?

If you discharge yourself at any time within the 24 months, you will be required to continue your payment plan until the end of the given year or pay off the remaining amount through a one-off payment. We will then cancel your plan.

What If I Cancel The Plan Or Miss A Payment?

If you miss a payment or cancel your plan without notifying us first, a reminder will be sent to pay the outstanding balance. In the event you are unable to pay the outstanding balance, unfortunately, we will have to discharge you from our care and inform your GP in writing. Any outstanding payments will then be collected by our payment recovery agency.

We very much look forward to meeting you at The Gender Hormone Clinic.
When updating your bank details, please make sure it is done through same email address as initially provided.