Consent To Disclose

Here at The Gender Hormone Clinic we take patient privacy extremely seriously. If you need to have a third party speak on your behalf with regards to your medical care, for any reason, please see the below information.

What Is Consent To Disclose?

The concept of “consent to disclose” generally refers to a formal agreement or permission given by an individual to allow someone else to disclose information about them, particularly in the context of medical care. This can be a crucial aspect of healthcare, where privacy and confidentiality are highly valued.

When you provide consent to disclose, you are granting permission for specific individuals, such as healthcare providers or designated representatives, to share information about your medical condition, treatment, or other relevant details with specified individuals or entities. This consent is often documented in writing, such as through a consent form or within the broader framework of a legal document like a healthcare proxy or power of attorney.

Having a clear and explicit consent to disclose is important in maintaining patient confidentiality while also ensuring that necessary information can be shared appropriately among healthcare professionals or with individuals involved in your care. It helps to establish boundaries and protect your privacy rights while allowing for effective communication and collaboration in the provision of medical services.

Without a consent to disclose agreement in place we cannot disclose any patient information.

How Do I Arrange Consent To Disclose?

Consent to disclose can be obtained by completing our online form. While you will automatically receive one along with your starter forms, you may also request it separately. Kindly fill out the form below to receive the consent to disclose document.