Hair Removal

Although direct hair removal services are not provided by our establishment, please see bellow for recommendations for several alternative services.


Positive Pathways, established by Deborah Jones, has a longstanding presence spanning several years. Specialising in services such as electrolysis, the organisation is dedicated to enhancing individuals’ psychological well-being by addressing common concerns like skin tags, warts, and unwanted hair.

Deborah’s fervent commitment to electrolysis stems from its profound impact on individuals, offering them a significant psychological uplift. At her home-based clinic, she ensures that all clients are received with utmost care, respect, and professionalism, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome. Through personalised care and a focus on building enduring relationships, each client’s experience is akin to a comforting rendezvous with a trusted friend.

The selection of the dragonfly as the emblem for her enterprise is deliberate, symbolising notions of change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realisation. This symbolism mirrors the journey experienced by individuals undergoing electrolysis, where the alleviation of long-standing concerns ushers in a newfound sense of clarity, liberation, and fresh beginnings.

Located in close proximity to Maidstone in Kent, Clear Clinic provides a range of treatments tailored specifically to the transgender and non-binary community in a discreet and hospitable environment. The clinic is dedicated to assisting individuals in aligning their appearance with their gender identity, thereby fostering increased confidence and self-assurance.

During your consultation there, they can help you to understand how Electrolysis works and the best treatment plan for you.